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 Best Short Film  

Men in Grey.jpg
Men in Grey

Sergei Kuklov

Filmed in:      Belarus

Completed:  September 9, 2018

Language:    Russian (English Subtitles)


A highway patrolman accidentally witnesses the secret organisation 'Men in Gray' engaged in the study of extraterrestrial organisms.

Far Away

Nicolas Van Ruychevelt

Facing the reality of their failures, victim of their incapacity, Léa and David have to take at radical decision in the hope of saving their relationship.

Filmed in:      Belgium

Completed:  February 25, 2018

Language:    French (English Subtitles)

Far Away.jpg
Lus Maris.jpg
Ius Maris

Directed by Vincenzo D'arpe

The short film tells the story of Yassine. A young man born and raised in Lecce by Moroccan parents who live, in the same way of all second-generation guys, straddling two cultures, never supported by a real integration. Through the sea and surfing, however, the integration process will come true, Yassine will become an host of a surf camp, attended by people of all races and religions.

Filmed in:      Italy

Completed:  October 14, 2018

Language:    Italian, Arabic (English Subtitles)

While It Lasts

Directed by Priyanka Tanwar

Nina is an inquisitive senior citizen and Mayur an aloof college student. In the course of their conversation they discover each other's lives unexpectedly. After much coaxing Mayur blurts out the reason for his unhappiness while Nina reminisces about her life positively.

Filmed in:      India

Completed:  July 26, 2018

Language:    English

What's Next

Directed by Bamba Kimball

A young man, ready to marry his pregnant girlfriend, then discovers her missing, leaving behind nothing but a letter.

Filmed in:      United States

Completed:  August 22, 2018

Language:    English


Directed by Dhani Rahmawan


Directed by Yee Ling Suen

A Boy a Man and a Kite

Directed by Adam Matalon

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