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 Award Winners 


Directed by Jonas Riemer

Filmed in:      Germany

Completed:  March 7, 2018

Run Time:     14:00

Language:    English

Francis, the dreamy film projectionist, accidentally crashes into the limousine of gangster boss Mascarpone. Suddenly he finds himself in a mobster film. Francis ́ dog Farfalle is taken hostage by Mascarpone’s gang and Francis is being forced to stand guard at their next bank robbery. When the coup fails he has to rescue his dog and conquer the heart of the film diva Vivien.

Most wonderful thing.jpg
The Most Magnificent Thing

Directed by Arna Selznick

Filmed in:      Canada

Completed:  September 25, 2018

Run Time:     21:59

Language:    English

The Most Magnificent Thing is an inspirational story about a little girl with a creative spirit, determined to make great things. Joined by her best friend, her pet dog, the two happily explore the world, doing absolutely everything together. When she receives her very own tool kit, the little girl sets out to make the most magnificent thing for her best friend – but it’s not as easy as she thinks! The Most Magnificent Thing is a timeless tale about learning through perseverance and hard work, the power of love, and selflessness.

South African Spook Hunter

Kathryn MacCorgarry Gray and Daniel Rands

Filmed in:      England

Completed:  May 31, 2018

Run Time:     01:36:11

Language:    English

South African Spook Hunter Matty Vans hires a film crew to document his paranormal ghost hunting business. Just as they tire of following him around to find no evidence of the paranormal, he receives a phone call from a woman claiming her family is being hounded by a spirit. After agreeing to spend the week with the family, it quickly becomes clear to everyone but Matty Vans that their haunting is an elaborate hoax. However, the Damon-Murray family is also harbouring a dark secret...


Directed by Meena Ayittey

Filmed in:      England

Completed:  August 31, 2017

Run Time:     21:00

Language:    English

A young architect awakes after a night of partying and struggles to adjust to his odd new surroundings.

Return to Hardwick

Directed by Michael Sellers

Filmed in:      England and United States

Completed:  April 12, 2019

Run Time:     01:12:00

Language:    English

Sons, daughters and grandchildren of the greatest generation travel to England to uncover the history of a disappearing World War II airbase.

return to hardwick.jpg

Directed by Carnior Steve Landry

Filmed in:      Canada

Completed:  January 1, 2018

Run Time:     05:22

Language:    French (English Subtitles)

In 2184, a dispute between a couple degenerates after more than 8 hours drive on a desert planet. A black science-fiction comedy where the motto is: "In space, nobody hears you complain".


Directed by Peiman Zekavat

Filmed in:      Brazil

Completed:  February 19, 2018

Run Time:     08:53

Language:    Portuguese (English Subtitles)

"I will make a Brazil for the majority, minorities [indigenous] have to bow down to the majority. Minorities should adapt themselves or simply disappear", words of Jair Bolsonaro, newly elected president of Brazill as he proposed opening the Amazon region to mining and resuming dam construction.

whos your dad.jpg
Who's Your Dad?

Directed by Alexandra von Schelling

Filmed in:      Cuba

Run Time:     22:57

Language:    Spanish

In a hidden basement of one of the best film schools in the world, female students gather to break their silence and share their testimonies. With the promise of anonymity, a dark reality previously unspoken about starts to emerge and the real truth about being a woman in film is finally brought to light.

Men in Grey

Sergei Kuklov

Filmed in:      Belarus

Completed:  September 9, 2018

Language:    Russian (English Subtitles)

A highway patrolman accidentally witnesses the secret organisation 'Men in Gray' engaged in the study of extraterrestrial organisms.

Men in Grey.jpg

Directed by Daniel Marc Janes

Filmed in:      England

Run Time:     12:50

Language:    English

A tense moral thriller about fast money and predatory behaviour. Leo (Craig Parkinson, FOUR LIONS, CONTROL), a swaggering trader in the City of London, is an unreconstructed alpha male. Recently promoted, he wants to pursue riskier trades and bullies his underlings into going along with him. But how far can he push Teddy (Luke Newberry, BAFTA-nominated for IN THE FLESH [BBC THREE]) and Rosie (Ria Zmitrowicz, THREE GIRLS [BBC ONE]) before they reach their moral limits? A gripping drama about ruthless profit, unbridled masculinity and urgent world events.

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