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 Award Winners 

Virtual Festival Coming April 25

Directed by Julien Henry

Filmed in:      Belgium

Completed:  May 5, 2021

Run Time:     19 minutes

Language:    Dutch, French (English subtitles)

Tony and Marie are passionate about Bangers, a trashy variant of the stock car. Following a tragedy, their couple breaks down. Tony hung up the races as Marie vent her anger onto the speedway in violent crashes. When problemes resurface, they have no choice but to resolve their dispute where their community has always solved them: on the speedway.

Between Giants

Directed by Maxwell Frost

Filmed in:      India

Completed:  August 31, 2021

Run Time:     1 hours 38 minutes

Language:    English

We spent two months cycling the Indian Himalayas, covering 3,500 miles along the highest mountain roads on the planet, including the "most treacherous road in the world."  But it was the people we met along the way that truly made this trip memorable, and provided the healing we were both searching for.

Between Giants.jpg

Directed by Jamie Yuan

Filmed in:      United Kingdom

Completed:  September 06, 2021

Run Time:     11 minutes

Language:    English

Meet Lewis Van Poetsch, the boxer who gets paid to lose. His record lies at 134 fights, 9 wins and 125 defeats. In boxing, there’s a market for a reliable loser, and Lewis is the best in the business. Now approaching his 150th fight, the film tells his story and follows both Lewis and his trainer as they hustle their way through Britain’s fight scene.

The Water Sommelier

Directed by Ryan Wichert, Noémi Dabrowski

Filmed in:      Germany

Completed:  July 18, 2021

Run Time:     7 minutes

Language:    German (English subtitles)


Did you know that Tasmanian rainwater goes great with a cheese platter?  As a trained water sommelier, and soon to be water whisperer, Hugo Rehberg is passionate about all things transparent, wet and liquid.  He advises individuals and restaurants on the suitable aqua to match their culinary dish.  Hugo and his wondrous water knowledge have, finally, come to the attention of the media and he gives an interview.  The Water Sommelier. A award-winning satirical short film about water. Contains wet and dry humour. 

Wild Ones.jpg
Wild Ones - Mwanjé ft. Sampa the Great

Directed by Michael Rodrigues & Tarryn Hatchett

Filmed in:      Wild Ones

Completed:  September 30, 2021

Run Time:     4 minutes

Language:    English

"Wildones" is a visual exploration of connection and oneness with the natural world - an existential coming-of-age.

Faith in the Soil

Directed by Zachary Crawley, Ben Saunders

Filmed in:      United Kingdom

Run Time:     27 minutes

Language:    English

The food industry is broken.  As consumers, we have grown to demand a wide variety of produce all year round at a tiny cost. This has had a huge impact on farmers’ lives, the climate, animal welfare and rural communities across the country. 88% of farmers under 40 rank poor mental health as the biggest hidden problem in the industry and it’s no surprise.

Faith in the Soil.jpg
Stg push.jpg
Sgt. Pushup

Directed by Brandon Hill, Maverick Farrah

Filmed in:      United States

Completed:  August 6, 2021

Run Time:     13 minutes

Language:    English

Patrick Parker, a decorated war veteran who loves his country, created the character of 'Sgt. Pushup' to feed children by partnering with food banks across America. Through his pushups, Sgt. Pushup has raised over 400,000 meals for children so far. In his goal to raise 1,000,000 meals for children, Sgt. Pushup continues his campaign on the road one meal, one heartbeat, and one pushup at a time.

Dirty Hands

Directed by Rosslet Ruiz Hélène


Filmed in:      France

Completed:  April 30, 2021

Run Time:     20 minutes

Language:    Arabic, English, French (English Sub.)

Laure does housekeeping for the Saudi royals in their parisian apartment. When unknown men break into the place, she must suddenly hide with her employer in a closet. The two women must stay silent, huddled together.

dirty hands.jpg

Directed by Johannes Buchholz

Filmed in:      Germany

Completed:  July 31, 2021

Run Time:     1 hour 363minutes

Language:    German (English subtitles)

His mother's upcoming funeral prompts Simon, a modest twenty-something, to invite his friends whom he hasn't seen in years. During their school days, this clique was inseparable, but then life pushed them in different directions. Soon, old secrets and new challenges arise and the clique has to navigate a alcohol-fueled night and learn what it means to live.

THe Mother, the Son, The Rat and the Gun

Directed by Philip Larsen

Filmed in:      United Kingdom

Completed:  May 20, 2021

Run Time:     1 hour 55 minutes

Language:    English

Gun-toting gangsters, lawless lawyers and backstabbing bastards. There's a family in the middle, and while some are trying to keep it afloat, others wanna tear it apart.

Mother son rat.jpg
the bear.jpg
The Bear

Directed by Yongtao Hu

Completed:  May 10, 2021

Run Time:     3 minutes

Language:    English

The Bear is a three-minute stop-motion animation that visualizes the love of a mother for her daughter. Although the old lady's Alzheimer's disease is getting worse and worse, she tries her best to remake a toy teddy bear for her daughter. The mother has forgotten everything but not her daughter.

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