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 Award Winners 

Economy is Care

Directed by Sergio Herencias

Filmed in:      Switzerland

Completed:  August 16, 2019

Run Time:     6mins

Language:    English

We all work, consume and want to live a good life. That is why we are all part of the economy. But more and more often some get a lot more appreciation and reward, while others go home empty handed. On top of that there is a large amount of unpaid work, but vital work, which goes unnoticed. This short film questions the current state of our economy in a thought provoking way. 

The Year of Innocence

Directed by Li Zhang

Filmed in:      China

Completed:  September 30, 2019

Run Time:     149mins

Language:    Chinese

The Year of Innocence’ is a contemporary tale about the destiny many young women from the Chinese countryside still face today. In a rural village in present-day China, a young married woman becomes the victim of scandalous gossip concerning the life she led a few years earlier in a much bigger city where western values are fast replacing traditional culture. After tragedy strikes, her husband sets out on a journey of atonement and discovery to uncover the truth about his wife and her interaction with modern China. 

Windows, Windows

Directed by Wojciech Solarz

Filmed in:      Poland

Completed:  June 15, 2018

Run Time:     62mins 

Language:    Polish

Villages gripped by fear, families running for their lives, special ops assembled to fight the unstoppable force terrorising the countryside. And the villain- rebellious, ever evading wood grouse. It strikes from hiding and disappears never to be found. Amidst the horrors sits Wojtek in his post atop a hunting box trying to spot the bloodthirsty beast. One night he sees a blazing window in an empty expanse. But there is no house. And the window starts to sway. When he approaches it disappears. One night, to his surprise, in the wagging window he catches a glimpse of a girl.


A poetic story set in the abstract background telling a universal tale of yearnings, hounding memories and quest for love.

Carnival Till The End

Directed by Vitor Baumgratz

Filmed in:      Brazil

Completed:  April 10, 2019

Run Time:     80mins

Language:    Portuguese

Entirely shot on real Carnaval of Brazil, the film is a mixture of comedy with a documentary of this great party. It's Carnaval in Brazil, time for Joy! Right? Not for Carol. Unfortunately, she has just found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. Her best friends, Maíra and Paola who were away on a detox trip decides to come back and rescue Carol from her bad trip with the mission of enjoying the most fun Carnaval of their lives!

A Century of Dreams

Directed by Ven Jemersic

Filmed in:      Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland

Completed:  March 18, 2019

Run Time:     87mins

Language:    Slovenian

A full-length documentary about the oldest Slovenian inventor, Petar Florjančič, who recently celebrated 100 years. In it, the controversial Peter in his words describes a life that, as he says, is tense as Hitchcock's films.  With over 400 registered patents, and spending his free time with world stars such as Gene Kelly, Orson Wells, Johnny Weissmuller, Coco Chanel,  this documentary shows Petar to be a truly great Slovenian. 

James Arthur ft. Travis Barker, You

Directed by Timon Birkhofer

Filmed in:      United States

Completed:  October 14, 2019

Run Time:     4min 11secs

Language:    English

Two struggling fighters - a master and his student. 
A story of persistence, commitment, following your dream, and never giving up. Ever.

Operation International

Directed by Jeff Colhoun

Filmed in:      Côte d'Ivoire

Completed:  June 25, 2019

Run Time:     14mins

Language:    English/French

Operation International: Ivory Coast follows the brave physicians, surgeons and nurses of Team New York as they travel to the city of Divo, Ivory Coast in 2019 to deliver life-changing surgeries and medical care. In order to deliver transformative humanitarian work to those in need, Team New York must bring everything they need to erect and operate fully-functional operating rooms and an intensive care unit while battling limited resources, language barriers, spartan working conditions and oppressive heat.

Wild Hearts

Directed by Jessica Rowlands

Written in:      Zimbabwe

Language:    English

A young mother in rural Zimbabwe, desperate to provide for her daughter, is recruited by the elite, all-female anti-poaching unit responsible for her husband's recent arrest.


Directed by Emily Pasternak

Filmed in:      Canada

Completed:  June 1, 2019

Run Time:     14mins

Language:    English

A brave and touching film about survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Canada.

Gently Down the Stream

Directed by Lipei "Allison" Yu

Filmed in:      China

Completed:  November 6, 2019

Run Time:     15mins 11secs

Language:    Chinese

A young college graduate with bipolar disorder is preparing for a job interview with the help of her roommate, but things take an unexpected turn upon her success.

The Art of Revenge

Directed by Oleksandr Shevchyshyn

Filmed in:      Ukraine

Completed:  March 21, 2019

Run Time:     1min 34secs

Language:    Ukranian

It is a bedevil drama with controversial heroes and mood swings. It is a story of a girl - who is either totally mad or obsessed and a demon of talent. 

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