WARNING: Contains distressing scenes. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Love Thy Neighbor: The Story of Christian Riley Garcia

Directed by Brandon Smith

Filmed in:      United States

Completed:  May 18, 2020 

Run Time:     1 hour 20 minutes

Language:    English


On May 18th of 2018, a gunman opened fired into a classroom at Santa Fe High School. In the midst of panic and terror, Christian Riley Garcia guided others into a closet where he used himself as a barrier against the door. For the next dozen minutes, Christian‰Ûªs actions saved countless lives. It was his sacrifice that allowed others time to escape.

Love Thy Neighbor dives into the darkness that clouded that day, May 18th, the family‰Ûªs effort to find normality and healing in the wakes of their loss, and tell a story of Riley. The 2020 Congressional Medal of Honor recipient of the Young Hero Award; who he was and how he impacted his family, his community, and ultimately the country.

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